Pool Fencing Canberra, Glass, Metal and Tubular

Pool Fencing Canberra is your local fencing business, servicing the ACT in all areas of supply and installation of all pool fences and pool gates. Aluminium pool fencing and glass pool fencing are the approved safety barriers to enclose a swimming pool area. Pool fences are 1.2 metres high with gates opening away from the pool. Pool gates must have self closing hinges and a safety latch. Our clients are local, national and international with property interests in Canberra. Our Prices are visible on our website, pay easily online with pay pal. Fencing and Fences Canberra are part of JPB Group Canberra.  We can meet all your fencing requirements in Pool, Glass and Colorbond fencing, installed to Australian Standards. We can remove and dispose of old fencing and replace with new. Contact Fencing and Fences Canberra for a quote or consultation.

Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing can add a formal appeal to your pool landscaping meeting all the requirements of a pool fence. Installed as frameless or semi-frameless panels on round or square stainless steel spigots.  Glass pool fencing come in a variety of standard panel sizes. The most popular panels are 10mm or 12mm in thickness and range between 900mm and 1200mm wide, in toughened glass.  See our pricing page for a guide on glass pool fencing prices.

Aluminium Pool Fencing aluminium pool fencing

Aluminium pool fencing available in flat top or loop top pattern and comes in a variety of powder coated colours. All 1.2 Metre high panels meet the Australian standard for pool fencing.

Pool Gates, hinges and safety latches

Glass pool gates and aluminium pool gates come in colours and sizes to match your new or existing pool fence. Pool gate hinges need to be self closing to adhere to regulations. Pool gate safety latches and locks need to be installed at the regulatory height. We can supply and install or install only any section of your gate that is not safe or needs repair.

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